Aluminum Repair

ACG  specializes in high-quality aluminum repairs. Aluminum repair services done right with the correct equipment, with the necessary secluded repair space, and with industry certified staff to complete the repairs correctly.

ACG has highly trained technicians that expertly repair aluminum and understand the difference and variation from steel. Our industry certified staff work on aluminum repairs with the required attention.

  • Aluminum is less malleable than steel and requires strict precision and equipment for repairs.

  • Aluminum and Steel don't bond together, a whole different system of tools are used for aluminum repairs. Different welding tools and techniques that differ from steel repairs.

  • Aluminum repairs require a secluded area for repairs. The slightest steel dust can cause corrosion in any aluminum parts of a vehicle.

  • Aluminum is the future - Environmental regulations are moving towards creating a cleaner, more sustainable environment for future generations, and car manufacturers are opting for aluminum bodies over steel for their electric vehicles; considering that aluminum is know for its strong, durable, and lightweight capabilities.

Auto Collision Group is a partner of the Assured Performance Network.

A Certified Aluminum Collision Repair Provider.


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